Paul Revere riding boots

The Paul Revere boot is as tall as you want it to be.


 Paul Revere's boot has a natural color cuff of heavy, supple glove leather.  When the boot comes off the bench, the cuff is turned all the way down.  There is plenty of leather cuff for you to easily roll up the cuff to whatever height you desire.

The object is to avoid any gap below your breeches or any show of breeches cuff or stocking.  The functional cuff also may be turned up to protect a rider's knees and prevent the entrance of rainwater, etc.

"By 1727 the riding boot leg had become softer and closer-fitting......(the) jockey in close fitting boots with brown tops.....the top was turned down below the knee for greater mobility, showing the brown lining.  It was soon adapted for fashionable wear.  .. ... These are the boots with brown top featured in caricatures of John Bull, ......The top boots worn by Thomas Jefferson, now in the Smithsonian are of this type.. Quotes from June Swann's "Shoes"    ISBN 0 7134 09428

Man standing in a pair of Fugawee Revear turndown boots. Fugawee Turndown boots front viewSole side of a rever bootClick for pics

Call our order line with any Questions, Concerns shipping questions.


This boot is built upon a squarish antique last.  It has a rounded shank that fits a stirrup well.  The shank is held in place by pegs but the rest of the sole is lock-stitched.  The Revere boot has a steam-molded front piece and a full calfskin lining.  The exterior is polished black calfskin. 

On the right is the foot of the Revere riding boot.  Notice the molded front and the rounded shank.  

We placed two sturdy pull tabs inside each boot.  If you do not have boot hooks, It's easy enough to carry a couple of leather laces in your pocket. Run a leather lace or sturdy cord through each tab and use them to pull the boot upward. 

The "pass line" where your foot is going through the curve is the tightest part of the boot but a shake of talcum powder and a pair of sturdy leather laces will get the boot on.  Slick socks help, too. 

When ordering, be ready to tell us your calf measurement.  The circumference of the boot varies with size and will fit most men.  It can be stretched to accommodate larger calfs.  

  $324.75 per pair. Shipping is $15.00  

We strongly recommend that you have boot hooks at hand.  $6.95 per pair

And if you dont have a willing partner we also recomend a boot jack.

Only 12.29

Questions answered: About the cuff and the boot stack/tube
Hi Chuck,
Some interesting questions; first off the width of all the boots are EE, so you should not have any problem there. The 13 comes with an 18.5" calf but we can stretch that for you before we ship it.
The boot comes up 19" with an adjustable turndown of 5". So if you want to wear it snug up to your knee, you can roll the cuff up.
The reason that we picked the lighter color is so it could be dyed. So many different colors were used, Green, Black, Wine, and other variations that reflected the unit the wearer was with. The finish on the cuff is different than the body of the boot. It takes a crème dye made by Tandy very well.
I hope this helps and thank you for contacting Fugawee.

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