There has been a lot said that the stainless steel boilers that Fugawee sells "just aren't correct, too shiny looking". That is true they are shiny when there new. They can get some surface rust because there is still carbon in the steel. But cook with them and this is how they look. This one was Art's as a matter of fact. Now the used stainless steel Boiler looks just like any other boiler and is in better condition than any other 20 year old boiler. It can wait all winter long with all the other gear until you beckon it next season and it will not be a rusty causality of the winter.

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The boiler is a bit over 6" high and holds 1 quart(32 oz). This is the most versatile equipment you can have besides a knife. It is a drinking cup, cook pot and lid, shaving mug a beer stein and more. If you have had trouble with pesky yellow jackets or other crawlies in your beverage you will truly adore and value the self attached hinged closing lid (or bug defense shield).
Also there is a bale/handle to hang the Boiler with over a fire. For traveling light you can do all your cooking and drinking out of it, or it just plain looks good
Order one today. $29.11
+ S/H

This one is Cerica 1993

Colonial tea pot

The Large Colonial Coffee Pot is just over 9" high and comes with a bail for hanging over the fire. Holds 10 cups of liquid (80 Oz) $46.44+ s/h/>

Coffee pot


The small Colonial coffee pot holds 5 cups (40 oz) has a flat broad hinge holding the top to the body again this is a great looking piece.$31.51 + s/h


The Coffee cup is spun with no seams on the bottom. The large cup is 4" high and 4" in diameter.  The small cup is 3" high and 3" in diameter.

This is the heavy guage S/S cup not one you can dent with your fingernail.

Large cup 24 oz     13.99

Small cup 12 oz   12.49

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Cowboy coffee pot or the small spout coffee pot is of sturdy design and is well manufactured. Stands almost 7 in in height base diameter is 5in and the top diameter is 3.5 in it hold almost a full 6 cups of liquid. The attached and hinged top is nice so you all ways have a top that fits and will be where it is supposed to be. There are also strainer holes in the pore spout. $32.27 + s/h


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These may look like the tin items that we are use to, but these will not corrode.  They are made of a non shiny stainless steel.


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