For the Civil War Ladies

Introducing the Jenny-Lynn

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Pair of fugawee Victora shoe

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The Victoria is something new for  the Civil War ladies.  The moment you hold Victoria you will know that you have a quality shoe in your hand. Comfort, quality and authenticity are all brought by Victoria  

Victoria is a fully leather lined flat heeled, fitted ankle-high bootee for the ladies.  Victoria has a tapered, squarish toe cap and is made of soft leather on a left\right last.  We have been getting some complaints that ladies with sturdy feet  or stronger ankles are experiencing difficulty with getting into the Victoria. We have made a slight adjustment by adding another elastic gusset.

Victoria has six jet black buttons on the front of the shoe but there is no need for a button hook.  Victoria has an elastic gusset on the inside and a smaller one on the outside of the ankle.  Don't worry about time period or authenticity. The elastic gusset  was patented in Britain in 1837 by the firm of Spekes Hall. (Victorian Costume and Costume Accessories, Anne Buck, keeper of the Gallery of English Costume, Platt Hall, Manchester.  Library of Congress #62-8330

Balmoral Castle was Queen Victoria's favorite country estate and several styles and new articles of clothing were first seen there. The combination of elastic gusset and ornamental buttons is here shown in a man's balmoraloriganal shoe shoe titled, "from the 1860's" shown on page 45 of June Swann's "Shoes" ISBN 0 7134 0942 8.  Ms Swann is considered by many to be the world's foremost expert on historical footwear.   This shoe apparently has two elastic gussets.  you may see an opening on the opposite side of the shoe where the other gusset has fallen away.  Note, also, the long, flat shovel toe extending well forward of the actual toe. Fugawee produces a man's elastic-sided Congress Gaiter or Garibaldi boot .

 The elastic gusset assures that there is no problem with ankle fit as you might  find with the calf-high button shoes or lace-up boots sometimes called Shady Lady. The Shady Lady actually dates from 1883. It is fine for Cowboy shooting sports but out of place during the Civil War.

Sizes for both the Victoria and Rose are from 6M-11W full & half sizes . We stock  Victoria's in bone color, whole & half sizes 6 -11width M & W

To read a charming story of the adventures of a young bride during the Civil War, visit the site <> Written in 1902, it is autobiographical .


origanal with fugawee shoe

Here is Fugawee's Victoria reproduction pictured with an  original shoe from the Civil War era.  

The original appears to be made of patent leather and is  probably about size four. Note the flat heel and the buttons. Fugawee's Victoria took its more graceful toe cap from another original. Similar elastic-sided boots are shown in Godey's Ladies Book and June Swan's "Shoes". Ms Swan, said by many to be the world's foremost expert on footwear, says that they were popular from 1855 to 1880. Some medium heel models were made but Fugawee decided on the flat heel to accommodate ladies who might find themselves walking on rough ground. 

The Rose The rose Civil war re prodution shoe
Named for the famous Confederate spy and patriot, Rose Greenhow,  this is another elastic-sided shoe.  It has a plain, tapered squarish toe and a vamp much like a fine English riding boot or jodhpur. Designed to be comfortable for outdoor wear, it is a fine shoe for the active lady, whether period-correct event watcher, nurse or  sweetheart. We called this model Rose with a vision of a dedicated lady making her way over the uncertain ground between Federal and Confederate lines.  Rose is leather lined and very well constructed. Rose looks good with today's slacks, too.  Sizes 6M-11W full & half sizes.

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Who was Rose Greenhow?

Rose Greenhow is credited with furnishing the information that won the Battle of First Manassas. Captured and imprisoned, she somehow obtained her freedom and fled to Europe where she became a great social success, presented in several royal courts and raising funds for the Cause.  She wrote a book about the War and raised support, money and sympathy for the Confederacy.  
When the Blockade Runner which was returning her to the Confederacy was driven against the North Carolina  shore by Federal blockaders, Rose attempted to reach land at Cape Fear in a small boat. The boat overturned  and Rose Greenhow was pulled down to her death by the weight of the  gold she was carrying. 
Authenticity of style:  "Shoes" by June Swann (page 48) shows an unfinished lady's shoe that was made by Spekes Hall and shown at the Great Exhibition in 1861.  Elastic-side shoes remained in fashion until the 1880's.

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Fugawee Stella shoeSTELLA

A ladies lace up boot. Sturdy enough for around the camp and comfortable enough for all day.

Sizes 5m to 11 1/2m, Black only 

Price $149.48 + S&H


Josie is a sister boot to the Stella. Josie has slightly rounder toe and a bit shorter in the leg. This comes in a bit wider width. This is a super comfortable boot. Whole and half sizes 5 to 12 W.

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A woman's alternative to the "soldier disguise".

Woman with victorias on

This  is a fine alternative for the woman who wants to take an active role on the battlefield and on parade. Visit this great page based on  good research that opens a whole new view of Women in the War. , Ehistory Womans history

Well worth the reading for everyone interested in the history of the War

In the Captain's Sea Chest

This is a place where we will display things that are not necessarily of any particular historical  vintage. Sometimes we just come across things, sometime we may offer stuff that Art brought home during many years of voyaging.  

                        We  came across this little pendant purse at a wholesale jewelers show and  it screamed out for for a placebeaded purseon a Victorian bosom. It is handmade of black glass beads.   It has  a beaded black neck ribbon and button closure. Dimensions are: 3˝ inches by 3-3/4 inches. The price is $12 and shipping is $2.00.   Free shipping if purchased with a pair of shoes. 

We have only a few of these.

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