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The Mule goes back at the least to the Romans, This is a comfortable shoe that's cousins are in fashion to this day. A basic and timeless design, this mode of Fugawee shoe reflects the early 18th century with the use of brocades . Later versions would show more leather uppers

The Mule differs from the slipper by only a sole. The Slipper had a soft sole and was worn mainly in the home. The Mule has a shoe leather sole and can be worn in or out of the house. So it is safe to say a Mule is a shoe without the back quarters.

You are in good company with Mules, from the Empress Josephine of France to Madam Boucher. The Pantables, as Mules were called in the 17th Century were used in the boudoir as it made it easier to slip off the foot when the "right moment" arrived.

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